All Must Fade || James & Sherlock

This was it now, wasn’t it? The end was drawing near and yes, of course James was scared. But he planned on enjoying this trip, and was so very glad that Sherlock was coming with him. He knew that there were so many reasons for the other man not to accompany him, and it meant an awful lot that despite it all Sherlock would come. Of course, he had told him that more than once.

By this point James was pretty sure that everything was packed, or at least the things that would be needed were. One thing he wasn’t sure of was whether Sherlock would end up freezing half to death, because the man was a stubborn git when it came to that kind of thing apparently. Not that it was so surprising.

James carried the packed bag back downstairs, dumping it on the floor next to the kitchen table and grimacing in pain. He knew that would be something of a challenge on this trip, but he was determined to finish it. He had to finish something.